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VIAANYA is passionately dedicated to bringing authentic South Asian brands to the forefront of the US market through meticulously crafted photoshoots that capture the essence and uniqueness of your brand

"I was in a real bind trying to organize a photoshoot with only two days to pull it off. Aanya came to my rescue! She swiftly secured a talented photographer and model for the project on such short notice. Throughout the photoshoot, Aanya was incredibly responsive and hands-on, took on the creative reins and ensured we got all the shots I needed while staying on schedule. The photos turned out beautifully thanks to Aanya's eye for detail. I'm so grateful to Aanya for orchestrating a smooth, successful photoshoot under such tight deadlines and constraints."
Dishi Solanki
Founder & CEO | Amotha
"I had the pleasure of collaborating with Aanya from VIAANYA for our very first brand photoshoot. Aanya took the reins from concept to completion, and we owe the success of our project to her expertise and dedication. Aanya committed herself from day one, displaying remarkable attention to detail and a strong commitment to communication. Her creativity and assertiveness played a pivotal role in ensuring that our vision was brought to life as we had imagined. Remarkably, she orchestrated this entire project in less than a week, and the photos turned out STUNNING! When it comes to our next campaign, there is no doubt that we'll be working with VIAANYA again. I wholeheartedly recommend their services."
Nadia Kadri
Founder | House of Nisa

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